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What We Do

  • Capacity Building

Build and enhance capacity in policy formulation through workshops and stakeholder consultation (facilitating public – private sector consultations and partnerships).
In consultation with our clients, we provide courses to meet their specific needs:
– Specialised short courses
– Advanced short courses
– Tailor-made courses

  • Legal services

Provision of legal advice on WTO law and the relationship to the African Continental Free Agreement, and preparation of legal opinions and support to clients in WTO and AfCFTA dispute settlement proceedings. In addition, provision of legal training for public and private sector legal officers.

  • Advisory Services and Trade Policy Research

Conduct economic, trade, legal and social impact analyses (interlinkages), especially the role of the private sector in development strategies that support a broad socio-economic development strategy.

  • Leadership negotiations and communications skill-building

A core skill needed to take advantage of the new economic frontiers opening up in developing countries is the ability to lead, communicate and negotiate effectively in a globalised world. This programme helps participants shape important deals, navigate uncertain terrain, improve working relationships, and in sum achieve better outcomes at the negotiating table.